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  Investment Profile

Caiuby Properties is focused on acquiring, leasing, managing, developing and selling
commercial properties, including office space, industrial and retail warehouses located
at most promising regions in Brazil. Caiuby Properties seeks to acquire strategically
located commercial properties that have strong profitability and appreciation potential.
Caiuby Properties derives lease revenue through specialized, dynamic and proactive
property management and adds value to its properties through improvements,
expansion of leasable area and occupation costs reduction.

Caiuby Properties has adopted an integrated and complete business model, with internal
teams dedicated to each phase of its operations, from acquisition opportunities
identification, execution of rigorous tenant and property diligence, managing properties,
and vacant space leasing, to the potential sale of properties.

This model allows Caiuby Properties to strengthen revenue generation while the property
remains in its portfolio, results in low volatility and contributes to generating profits upon
sale of the property after value appreciation.

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