Caiuby Properties believes the Brazilian commercial property sector presents significant
potential for growth and consolidation, with potential appreciation of property values in the
medium term. In this sense, the company believes the diversity, experience and credibility
of its management and employees, together with a proactive, agile and dedicated business
approach focused on the acquisition of assets, contribute to the success of its business.
Its experience and competence allow Caiuby Properties to anticipate trends in the market
and adjust its portfolio in order to meet the various demands.

Caiuby Properties believes all its actions, decisions and investments are performed in order
to maximize its potential revenue, providing investors with substantial benefits. A critical
feature of Caiuby Properties is its hands-on approach. Caiuby Properties does its businesses
with commitment and different approach, seeking to identify vital issues of each commercial
property. The recipe for solving complex issues has been the combination of a high-level
team and a complete involvement with its businesses on a daily basis.

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